401(k) Investment Alternative

Tax Free Retirement Plans

Here’s what’s scary about the current method of saving in this country:  The government controls mainly all traditional “tax deferred” qualified plans like your 401k’s, IRA’s, SEP IRA’s and other like plans and can change the rules at any time.  Meaning, they can raise taxes or impose some other type of restriction or limit your choice of investments.  You’ve worked hard to build for your retirement.  You have diligently saved over the years.  Do you really want to put it into the hands of Wall St. and the government?  There is a better way!

Ginn Insurance educates people about their alternatives to these traditional tax deferred plans.  Instead of new mutual fund choices to choose from, employers can offer a totally new investment vehicle with HUGE benefits over these traditional tax deferred qualified plans.  Contributions will be done with after tax dollars and will eliminate the “unknown” factor of whether taxes will be higher in the future.  We eliminate this “unknown” right from the start.  With an IUL product, employers will not be burdened with participation requirements, administration costs and other government regulations.  Employers will continue to match the same 3%, 6% or whatever your original 401k matching was into a new product called and Indexed Universal Life Policy.  This is a win/win situation for the employer and the employee (see chart below).  The employer still gets the deduction (expense), the employee the match with increased safety, flexibility and other features and benefits.  The additional options of an Indexed Universal Life (IUL) policy will lead to a much greater retirement.  Ginn Insurance builds plans for Individuals, Business Owner’s, Entrepreneurs, Corporations and have worked with HR Departments and Benefits Specialist to help incorporate this as an alternative to many types of traditional tax deferred retirement plans.  These plans aren’t cookie cutter products either. We custom build each plan for the individual!  We’d enjoy helping you add this to your retirement planning portfolio.  Contact us for details.  See the chart below for comparison details.

[table id=2 /]

Looking to the right at the IRS Social Security Tax Rates (on this page), you’ll see one HUGE reason to make an IUL policy an alternative to your existing 401k.  Once you start drawing on your 401k to supplement your Social Security, you’ll trigger major tax consequences for yourself.  This is a tax trap Uncle Sam has set for American’s who use tax deferred qualified plan investments to save for retirement.  Most people are unaware this exists and many think their Social Security is tax free.  This is not true and we can eliminate this along with many other concerns.

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